Ritchie and Richard met in Colchester, Essex, and came up with the idea of mixing the music of the Blues Brothers with the film The Commitments. That music mixed with some other music legends led to a great show full of soul, blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

In the first year and called ‘Committed to the Blues Brothers’, the guys performed 25 gigs mostly in public houses and working mens clubs across Essex. 12 years later having linked up with 2 well known agencies to perform up to 50 shows a year in the UK. In 2018, Ritchie and Richard expanded the show to appeal to more people or differing ages and introduced ‘Jake & Elwood’s American Songbook‘.

Clients include Park Dean Resorts, Hilton Hotels, Marriot Hotels, David Lloyd Liesure and may other local companies. We have also performed at a number of weddings and anniversary celebrations.

We’re flattered that other acts have attempted to simulate our own, but don’t confuse us with others. We’re the genuine and original duo that has been performing as the Blues Brothers for over 12 years.

Here is a little insight into the performers:

Richard (Elwood) has as much energy as he did when he was 10 and can out-dance Bonnie Langford (we have no idea who she is either). With crazy dance moves he is always on the floor with the audience shaking his tailfeather.

He found out he could sing back in 2002 when he met his (now) wife Kay – also a fantastic singer. Shortly afterwards, Richard watched the Blues Brothers film and Committed to the Blues Brothers was born.

Ritchie (Joliet-Jake) had been singing for a number of years in different bands. He has a varying musical taste and also enjoys recording music in his own home recording studio.

You can also learn more about the full band at seetheshow.co.uk

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